Brainstorming Followup

July 26th, 2006

Bob Sutton has taken the time to lay out his views on Brainstorming on BusinessWeek Online. His writing stems from a Wall Street Journal article outlining research that said that when it came to generating ideas, individuals working individually could be just as effective as team members working in a group. Sutton had a post on his blog refuting many of the methodologies of the quoted research, including the lack of context in the research group sessions and the fact that the participants were not professionals in a specific field and therefore not as well equipped to solve specific problems in a group.

However, rather than continuing to split hairs over methodology, his new article expands on some of these ideas and stands as a support of brainstorming itself. Both Sandberg and Sutton believe that brainstorming is a skill that takes time to develop, requires discipline to manage, and must be integrated into the culture of an organization, not just exist as panaceas to design process problems. The meat of the article is 8 tips for improving (or even deciding whether to bother with) brainstorming.

Link to Sutton Article

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