No-glue paper creations

June 22nd, 2010

MakeDo structureFollowing up on my post about no-code iPhone UI prototypes, I thought I should share something for making tangible stuff. This blog isn’t just about software or electronics, it is about discussing and sharing tools that lower the barrier to creative communication, and bring it within the reach of anyone with imagination. With that in mind I present MakeDo, a system for um.. building things.


makedo-systemMakeDo is a deceptively simple system for quickly and easily assembling pieces of cardboard, paper, fabric or plastic into … anything! The system includes basic connectors, as well as two different types of hinges. Also included is a special tool for cutting and poking the necessary holes in your materials. With only the tools and parts you find in the box, you can assemble structures, creatures, costumes or anything else you can dream up.

MakeDo is clearly marketed toward children, but having spent my share of time in both product design and exhibit design firms building mockups and prototypes, I can say these little snaps and hinges would be a welcome addition to the gaffers tape, hot glue, foamcore and exacto-knives of a professional model or prototype shop. Check out this quick video for a sense of what’s possible.

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