Art direction, exhibit and hardware system design for a multi-user interactive musical device designed to bring players together in a collaborative gaming experience. Six-months of iterative design and user-testing.
A drop-off service for rapid prototyping at the NYU Advanced Media Studio. Signature works and student workshops help educate Fine Arts and Design students on the rapid prototyping process and capabilities.
Your cigarette smoke has a surprising effect on a dancer in this interactive window display.
A concept design for a consignment vending machine that facilitates the exchange of new and used goods between people in a location- or interest-specific community.
A hardware and software solution that facilitates the design process by enabling rapid prototyping of media center interfaces controlled by remote control.
An exhibition and retail environment developed to educate the public about plans for and progress of the Memorial and Museum currently being built at the World Trade Center site. Visitors are able to view models and renderings of the site and facilities, view real time images of the construction progress and participate in the creation of the Museum by sharing their 9/11 story.
Realization of the design for 50,000 square feet of living displays and exhibits and at the new Steinhart Aquarium. Twelve months of interaction design, contract administration and coordination.
A design for a memorable in-store interactive experience for Starbucks’ expanded Times Square store.
At Thinc, Chris was a member of the team that executed designs for the California Academy of Sciences' Steinhart Aquarium and walk-thru Rainforest environments, as well as Johnson & Johnson's Beijing Olympic Pavilion and the 9/11 Memorial Preview Site near Ground Zero in New York City.
An immersive experience where visitors plot their own path through a victorian-themed dreamscape within the twisting halls and chambers of a historic century-old playhouse.
Design engineering, construction coordination and installation of Nike+ digital services areas, product displays, touchscreens and video walls across dozens of stores nationwide.
In this seasonal exhibit, a spectacular collection of antique toys and trains is brought to live with immersive media, lighting, animation and motion.
A high tech aviation-themed children's activity space in the JetBlue Terminal at JFK International Airport.
A new visitor and educational center at the site of the former US Lighthouse Service headquarters on the North Shore of Staten Island.
A new nature-focused Children's Discovery area within Florida's largest Natural History Museum.
Assorted design visualizations and documentation produced for dozens of theatrical, exhibit and television projects. Clients included Design-Contact, PDG/Jack Morton, Tangram, ESI Design, Focus Lighting, Creative Realities, Thinc Design.
An online catalogue of some of the many tools-- past, present and future, that empower a creative person to express themselves intuitively, with an emphasis on screen- and physical- interaction design.