Projects in 2001

2001 - Jam-O-Drum » Description

The Jam-o-Drum is a multi-user interactive musical device designed to bring people together in collaborative music-making and game experiences. Chris was involved in developing a version for installation at the Zeum center in San Francisco between June and December of 2001.

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2001 - Jam-O-Drum » Exhibit Design

Previous versions of the Jam-O-Drum used only a drum pad input. This version of the Jam-O-Drum was the first that integrated both a turntable and drum pad interface into the table design. Chris was involved in developing the design and supervising the fabrication of the table and integration of input devices and A/V equipment.

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2001 - Jam-O-Drum » Hip Hop Game Design

Chris acted as Art Director of the Hip-Hop game. This involved designing the character, developing the look of the stage environment, coordinating with the 3D modeller and animator, scripting the character’s voice as well as recruiting and recording voiceover talent, which was voiced by Broadway actor Josh Gad.

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