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The ULS X2-660 60w Laser Cutter is capable of cutting up to 1/2″ plywood or acrylic, but is best suited to cutting softer and thinner materials. The machine can be used to quickly test cut sizes or build early prototypes of a wide variety of fabrication projects.


Marble Game
The Marble game was a one-day project. I wanted to create a structure that would hold itself together without fasteners or glue. This model is a game— several layers of cardboard each have a single hole cut in them at different points. The object of the game is to move all 20 marbles from the top layer to the bottom layer.

The piece is held together with a series of tongue-in-groove and dovetail-style joints. The top and bottom layer are cut from acrylic sheet. The marbles are actually Gobstoppers.


Double Helix
The Double Helix was another one-day project. I wanted to create a self-constructing 3D shape by cutting and scoring flat pices of cardboard.

The two sides of the double helix are held together by small paper tabs.


Paperboard Projects

A collection of small-scale projects using illustration board, a cheap and flexible material for laser cutting.


Class Projects
Here are some photos of class projects where I worked with the student to realize their design. I consulted with students on materials, methods and fabrication. None of the images below are my design.

Networked Flowers by Doria Fan and Jason Kaufman

Presence Frames by Matty Sallin

Too Fast for Tracks by Chris Hall