Projects in 2006

2006 - Frog Design » Summary

Frog Design was involved in a project for a broadcast media client that involved developing interactive program guides and other interfaces as part of a media center experience. The team needed to be able to validate design assumptions and test solutions during the process. While developing paper prototypes and information architecture documentation was feasible, the time and resources needed to develop fully functional native media center applications was not available.

As part of a semester-long internship at Frog in New York, Chris was tasked with developing a way to allow the team to prototype designs in a flexible way. To do this, he developed a solution that allowed the team to control Flash-based UI prototypes with a remote control. This included a java proxy server to receive incoming messages from an IR receiver and a Flash Actionscript Class that allowed for generating events anywhere within a prototype. This allowed for quick integration of the remote control unit into any prototype or UI mockup.

While more technical than most projects, this project proved that facilitating a process where designers and producers can express ideas, validate assumptions and test solutions would ultimately lead to better results.