Projects in 2013

2012 - Nike Retail Installations » Nike+ Digital Services

Starting in 2012, Nike began to outfit each of its stores with a dedicated area where consumers can learn about, purchase and activate their Nike+ products. From Fuelband to Sportwatch GPS to Nike+ sensors, all of Nike’s digital product offerings would now be available in a single Digital Services area.

For these permanent installations in the client’s New York, Georgetown, Las Vegas, Portland, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Toronto and Beaverton stores, Chris consulted with Tangram International Exhibitions to guide the design engineering, construction coordination and installation efforts involved in fitting together a variety of different product displays, graphics and interactive elements. Each fixture is designed to be easily refreshed with new product lines, graphics and media.

With the exception of the flagship store in New York, all were one-night installations.

2009 - Starbucks Times Square » Project Description

Dovetail consulted with the designers of Starbucks’ expanded Times Square store to develop an in-store interactive experience. Visitors from all over the world can make their mark on Times Square by contributing their photo to a light-hearted crowdsourced media piece centered around the iconic Starbucks cup. After snapping their photo in an easy-to-use touchless interface, customers’ photos are displayed on a large street-facing video wall. For this unique environmental interactive, Dovetail delivered a creative brief consisting of concept design, contextual research, storyboards and success criteria. In addition, Dovetail aided in the production process by developing detailed hardware and software specifications, scope documentation as well as participating in vendor selection.