2016 – Florida Museum of Natural History

A new nature-focused Children’s Discovery area within Florida’s largest Natural History Museum.

2016 - Florida Museum of Natural History » Discovery Zone

The Florida Museum of Natural History wanted to celebrate their 100th Anniversary season by expanding their offerings to their youngest audiences. While a storied regional institution with a world-class natural history collection, the museum had only a small gallery serving audiences from 0-10 years old. Chris was honored to serve as senior designer on this project for a year and a half, sheparding the project through Design Development to opening day.

Chris worked with interpretive developers, graphic designers, draftspeople, a structural engineer, lighting designer and media developer to ensure that the Schematic Design was translated into buildable reality. Since the gallery was undergoing substantial renovation, the design team worked closely with the Museum’s Architect, coordinating infrastructure and finishes and ensure the exhibit’s compliance with code.

At the same time, on the Museum side, Chris coordinated with educators, operations staff, conservators, designers and administration stakeholders to ensure all voices were heard and that the design remained true to the client’s vision.

After the design was developed, Chris led the bidding and negotiation phase, evaluating and playing the role of quality control as the design team evaluated bids from five national fabricators. The project was so well specified that all bids were within 20% of each other!

Finally, Chris shepherded the project through Construction Administration, performing site and shop visits, reviewing submittals from fabricators and the General Contractor, all the while advising the client on best practices and progress.

The exhibit welcomed its enthusiastic community in July 2017.