Tools for Sketching

An online catalogue of some of the many tools– past, present and future, that empower a creative person to express themselves intuitively, with an emphasis on screen- and physical- interaction design.

Tools for Sketching » Description

Tools for Sketching seeks to catalog design tools that emphasize quick, intuitive and descriptive communication of an idea—tools with little or no learning curve, low cost, small time- and brain- investment, informal output, and portability. There are three related and complementary inspirations for this site:

1. Provide designers with resources that can help them communicate their visions without becoming experts in specialized tools.

2. Examine the mantra of ‘appropriate fidelity’ in the creative process where it applies to determining what level of detail is required given the goals of the task at hand.

3. Provide designers insight into effective (or ineffective) user experience as exemplified by the tools themselves.

Tools for Sketching