2005 – Advanced Media Studio

A drop-off service for rapid prototyping at the NYU Advanced Media Studio. Signature works and student workshops help educate Fine Arts and Design students on the rapid prototyping process and capabilities.

2005 - Advanced Media Studio » Rapid Prototyping Service

While at ITP, Chris was the student manager of NYU’s Rapid Prototyping Service at the Advanced Media Studio. The Rapid Prototyping Service is a drop off service for design, print and art projects in the NYU Fine Arts community. The Service has an ULSX2-660 Laser Cutter as well as a ZCorp Spectrum Z510 3D Printing System.

In addition to developing the service for NYU, Chris also worked on several projects showcasing the capabilities of the studio. Here are some images of projects he designed and built.

2005 - Advanced Media Studio » Laser Cutting

The ULS X2-660 60w Laser Cutter is capable of cutting up to 1/2″ plywood or acrylic, but is best suited to cutting softer and thinner materials. The machine can be used to quickly test cut sizes or build early prototypes of a wide variety of fabrication projects.

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2005 - Advanced Media Studio » Laser Etched Powerbooks

Mac Powerbooks and Macbook Pros are wonderful surfaces for laser-etching. Check out some examples of powerbooks that we have put ‘under the knife.’

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2005 - Advanced Media Studio » 3D Printing

The ZCorp Spectrum Z510 3D Printing System is capable of printing 3D solid models in 24-bit color. In the first year of operation, much of our time was spent evaluating the best software and document format in which to accept 3D printing jobs. Here are some preliminary projects that were completed using the machine.

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