2011 – Steampunk Haunted House

An immersive experience where visitors plot their own path through a victorian-themed dreamscape within the twisting halls and chambers of a historic century-old playhouse.

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“Major points for visuals” -Sundance Channel

“5 Halloween Parties Too Badass to Be Real (That Totally Are) -CRACKED.com

“a more sophisticated and complex take on freaking you out.” -DKNY Notes On A City

“breathtakingly beautiful” -Flavorpill

“a lavish delight for the senses” -The Village Voice

For two consecutive years, Chris has provided environmental and interaction design on this revolutionary immersive performance, collaborating with Zach Morris to develop dozens of unique environments.

The Steampunk Haunted House is produced by Third Rail Projects and directed by Zach Morris. It was presented at the Abrons Arts Center in New York’s Lower East Side.

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Steampunk Haunted House Postcard

Steampunk Haunted House Postcard

From the Project Description:

In this truly immersive experience, audience members are thrust into a beautiful and terrifying dreamscape of neo-Victorian elegance and phantasmagoric clockwork horrors. Once inside, audience members are separated, until one by one, they find themselves alone, lost somewhere within the three sprawling floors of Abrons’ majestic century-old playhouse. From there, they must choose where to go, exploring innumerable twisting hallways, looming balconies, and labyrinthine cellars. All the while, a whirlwind of mechanical apparitions, wraithlike sleepwalkers, and gear-powered beasts hurtle through corridors and lurk behind every corner and within every room.

Featured Design Element – The Dream Engine:

The Dream Engine is visible from several parts of the haunted house. It serves to anchor the visitor experience and provide a visual throughline within a self-guided narrative. In contrast to the dim, warm glow of most of the environments in the house, the Dream Engine emits a shocking blue-white light. This light is visible throughout the house, emitting from portholes, cracks and from around corners, foreshadowing the climactic tableau that concludes the evening.

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